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Malleeshwaram Home Stay
New species of orchids recorded are: 1. Oberonia bisaccata, Liparis indiraii, Eriatiagii, Ipsea malabarica, a ground orchid rediscovered after a lapse of more than a centur. 2. Scutellaria oblonga and Anodendron rhinosporum, two Sri Lankan plants have also been recorded.

Flora of Silent Valley NP

The forests belong to the biogeographical class of the Malabar rain forests and harbour about 1000 species of plants. The flowering plants here include 966 species to 134 families and 599 genera. The dicotyledons are 701 in number, distributed among 113 families and 430 genera; monocotyledons are 265 distributed among 21 families and 139 genera. The 5 dominant families recorded from Silent Valley are;

1. Orchidaceae with 108 species belonging to 49 genera, Febaceae with 545 species representing 26 genera,

2. Rubiaceae with 49 species representing 27 genera and

3. Asteraceae with 45 species representing 25 genera. Many of these are rare and endangered and some are now lost elesewhere

The following are some of the new specieis and genera recorded recently from Silent Valley - Hedyotis silentvalleyensis, Kanjaram palghatensis, Porpax chandrasekharanhii, Silentavelleya nairii, Nydnocarpus pendulus etc.

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