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Silent Valley National Park

The core of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Silent Valley National Park is probably one of the most magnificent gifts of nature to mankind, a unique preserve of tropical rain forests in all its pristine glory with an almost unbroken ecological history. Thanks largely to its difficult terrain and remoteness, the extent of degradation is minimal in comparison with other sanctuaries.

Sairandhri Vanam, meaning the forest in the valley, as referred to in the Mahabharatha and the River Kunthi give a mythological dimension to the National Park. The Silent Valley is seldom silent but it has an inexplicably unique character about it, what with the dense forest, the music of the birds and its quitet majesty.With an area of close to 90 sq.kms, the park is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Palakkad district. It rises abruptly to the Nilgiri plateau in the north and overlooks the plains of Mannarkkad in the south. The river Kunthi descends from the Niligiri hills above an altitude of 2000 m and traverses the entire length of the valley finally rushing down to the plains through a deep gorge. River Kunthi never turns brown; it is crystal clear, perennial and wild.

Tropical Rain Forests

Tropical evergreen forests occurring within a narrow strip above the equator is perhaps the most endangered natural habitat. Extremely fragile, it has suffered most from human interaction.In species diversity it is the richest habitat and has developed in area of the heaviest rain fall. That there is a very little soil erosion and that the rains are transformed into perennial streams and rivers may be attributed to thick canopy and closely packed tree stumps. In fact, scarcity of water is rarely felt. The evapotranspiration from these forests is much higher than from any other surface. This cools the atmosphere helping easy condensation of water vapor. This is the origin of the much-awaited summer rains.

Wild fires lead to abrupt changes in the eco system degrading the forest. When the Britishers entered the Silent Valley more than a century ago, these forests were untouched and extended enormously on all sides. They named it the Silent Valley because there were no cycads then. Today however, true evergreen forests untouched by man is only a dream.

Unlike most other sanctuaries, viewing wild animals in this park is quite difficult because of the thick vegetation.

Malleeshwaram Jungle Lodge | Attappady

Silent valley national park visits from Malleeshwaram jungle lodge

We organize silent valley national park visits from the lodge.Its a full day jeep safari programme starting from the lodge at 7.30 am and getting back here for sunset.Packed lunch is provided for the day.

Naturalist guides for your silent valley national park visit

For our keen study oriented guests,we offer the services of our experienced naturalists guides specialised in birds and butterflies of the region

Malleeshwaram Jungle Lodge | Attappady

How to reach Silent Valley

Silent valley Is Easily Accessible from the Major Towns of Kerala And Tamilnadu. The office of silent valley is located at a town called Mukkali, a small hill town,two basic chai shops.

Coimbatore (90 Kms from Mukkali) (There is Airport and Railway Station at Coimbatore): You have to Follow the Anaketty, Goolikadavu Route Along the Thadakam Road (Turn Right along a straight Road after Opanakara Street,near Ukadam Refer map For More Info) To Reach Mukkali, Where the Office of Silent Valley is Located. There are two Petrol filling stations at Goolikadavu (pick up provisions)

Palakkad (80 Kms) (There is A Railway Station at Palakkad): From Palakkad follow the calicut road till mannarkadu,turn right towards attapady,climb the beautifull ghats till one gets to mukkali check post,turn left,the park information center is a further 300mts or so .

Wildlife Toursim

Area : 89 sq.kms.

Permission : Division Forest Officer, Palakkad,Kerala - 678 009(prior booking needed,we could arrange it with couple of days notice)

Nearest Accommodation :Malleeshwaram jungle lodge

Nearest town : Mannarkkad (32 kms)

Nearest airport : Coimbatore (115 kms)

Nearest railway station : Olavakode(Palakkad),Coimbatore

The Entrance charges are as Follows.

Entrance for a Foreigner : 210 Rs (The foreigner must show and write their passport number in the application form and make a signature in the Log book.)

Entrance for Indian : 25 Rs (Don’t have much formalities)

Camera : 25 Rs

Entry of Jeep :  (Only the park jeeps or the local jeeps,which the park office would arrange are allowed to move along the 25 Km pacca road to silent valley. There is parking space for other vehicles near the office).

Charge for Guide :250 Rs :You must get a guide and only with the guide you can go into the silent valley. Normally the guide is not that useful ,so its better one does a basic study before getting there.

Activities permitted at Silent valley national park

Sairandhri watch tower visit gives a vast view of silent valley national park ,it is a 100 feet watch tower,close to the small information center there .It is a 22 km jeep ride through the park , sightings are mostly restricted to arboriel beings like the lion tail macaque ,nilgiri langur ,malabar gaint squirell, it takes about 5 hours to sairandhri and back to mukkalli.

Bavani river trail trek is a 2- 3 hr trek through the banks of bavani river ,takes about 2 - 2.30 hours from the mukkali information center

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