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Malleeshwaram Home Stay

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Attapady,birding habitat

Attapady is a birding paradise.The region being surrounded by evergreen forests on almost all sides,Attapady has all types of forests,evergreen,semi-evergreen and some areas totally dry shrubby jungles,being rain shadow.Attappady is a part of the nilgiri biosphere reserve.This mixture of types of nature offers plenty of birding possibilities.Lot of migratory birds from adjoining silent valley national park makes seasonal visits


Birding guides

We also offer the services of specialised birding guides for your birding in silent valley national park and the adjoining areas of attappady,the core areas of nilgiri bio-reserve.
Do inform us a couple of days in advance.

This is the list of birds spotted at the lodge and on treks around the lodge,by guests and the naturalists acompanying them.

  • Blue winged parakeet                                
  • Rose ringed parakeet      
  • White headed babler                                     
  • Rofous babler                                               
  • Eurasian golden oriole                                  
  • Jerdons cloropsis                                          
  • Red vented bulbul                                         
  • Yellow browed bulbul                                  
  • Orange headed thrush                                   
  • Jungle myna                                                  
  • Tailor bird                                                     
  • Brown shrike                                                
  • Purple sunbird                                               
  • Ashy drongo                                                 
  • Spangled drongo                                           
  • Small minivet                                               
  • White cheeked Barbet                                  
  • Greater coucal                                               
  • Black eagle                                                   
  • Collared scops owl                                       
  • Grey nightjar                                                 
  • Ashy wood swallow                                     
  • White bellied tree pie                                   
  • Chestnut headed bee eater                            
  • Greater flame back woodpecker                   
  • House crow                                                   
  • Spotted dove                                                 
  • Imperial giant pegion                                    
  • Great indian honbill
  • Plum headed parakeet 
  • Vernal hanging parakeet
  • Jungle babler
  • Black headed oriole
  •  Fairy blue bird
  • Gold fronted cloropsis
  • Red whiskered bulbul
  • Indian pitta
  • Common myna
  • Grey headed starling
  • Greenish leaf warbler
  • Lottens sunbird
  • Black drongo
  • Bronzed drongo
  • Greater racket-tailed drongo
  • Scarlet minivet
  • Copper smith barbet
  • Black kite
  • Jungle owlet
  • Oriental scops owl
  • Grey jungle fowl
  • Indian tree pie
  • Asian paradise flycatcher
  • Common hawk cukkoo
  • Lesser yellow naped woodpecker
  • Indian peafowl
  • Emerald dove
  • Malabar grey hornbill

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