The Lodge


Malleeshwaram Home Stay  offers a simple reatreat away from the normal tourist circuit.Attapady hills are the last to be explored in kerala.Here we offer less impact tourism in its fullest meaning.

The lodge is located on a hillock near a small village called Pettickal.The lodge overlooks the vast Pettickal Malavaram,one of the largest tracks of vested reserve forests in Attapady.

We have only 3 cottages,to reduse the impact on the nature and its beings around.

The cottages are thoughtfully placed in a pach of protected wilderness with organic coffee,pepper,vannlla and bananas grown under natural shade.

Facilities deliberately kept low to offer an altoghether different feel.

The Lodge

Malleeshwaram jungle lodge is an ideal geteway for the outdoorsey adventure types,also for the ones who are able to laze away...... or go birdwatching.

We havint put conventional bulbs in the huts,hurricane lamps are provided instead.

We serve mostly wholesome veg indian food,less spicy,the raw materials would be from farms nearby.

Day programes are full day treks through forests,farms,tribal habitats or one could go for a jeep safari to silent valley national park

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